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Chroming objects for internal use. FxChromeSpray requires a perfectly smooth glass like finish for the primer, as the chrome will mirror any defects.


The Chrome Spraying Process

Powder Coating

First you need to apply the black base coat, this is a super easy to use 1:1 mix paint. The fxChromeSpray base needs to sprayed wet for a glass like finish.

The black base can be repaired if required, inclusions, runs, orange peel and dust can be polished out once its cured and then cleaned with our special fxChromeSpray cleaner.

Powder Coating

The chrome is sprayed in several light coats building up but not to completely obliterate the base coat. This is a mixed ready to spray paint made from exotic material and needs to be well shaken.

Powder Coating

After application wait 5 minutes then lightly dust the Chrome effect to remove any dry spray, another coat of fxChromeSpray can be applied to achieve desired effect.

Powder Coating

Finally the special clear coat 1:1 mix with the clear coat hardener no thinners are required is used to seal the object. At this stage a tint can be added to give that special effect.


The amount of shine is actually determined by the contrast between the chrome and base coat. This gives the chrome depth and adds reflection. If the base coat is completely obscured you will not get a shine or reflection at all and instead get a dull pewter finish. In this case less IS more.

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